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EUROCLIMA - BioMA Project for Latin America

March 2013

In the face of projected changes in climate, the long-term sustainability of agro-ecosystems and associated livelihoods is unattainable without the development of adaptation strategies that incorporate enhanced environmental, social, and economic resilience. Robust and quantitative assessment tools that estimate climate change risks and vulnerabilities, and a range of adaptation actions for a portfolio of development projects are crucial to decision-makers, from stakeholders to policy advisors, in the context of assessing trade-offs and synergies and priorities for resource allocation at macro and micro scales.

The objective of this activity has been to provide a common platform for sharing and further developing data and model tools that can be used by Latin American institutions as a basis to test, assess and develop science-based questions relevant to climate change impact and risk response strategies in the region.

To respond to this objective, this project delivers a realization of the BioMA (Biophysical Models Applications) platform, consisting of data layers and models to analyse the impact of climate change on agricultural production in Latin America. Customers of this platform may access data, modelling tools (operable via web and desktop applications), and results, to be used in their own projects, seamlessly integrating other data layers and autonomously extending model tools and data layers.

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