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The JRC MARS Bulletin offers in an operational context analyses and information on crop growth conditions and yield forecasts at the level of EU Member States and neighbouring countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the Maghreb.

The JRC MARS Bulletins Archive provides you with the direct links to JRC MARS Bulletins from 2007 to 2020.
JRC MARS Explorer
JRC MARS Explorer
The JRC MARS Explorer provides quick access to more than 2000 high-resolution maps and graphs displaying recent information on weather conditions and the progress of crop growth across the EU. This service is currently suspended and will be resumed in early 2022.
Datasets of the MARS Crop Yield Forecasting System and Software developed by AGRI4CAST are made freely available to the public for access and reuse.
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The MARS Crop Yield Forecasting System (MCYFS) wiki offers documentation and background information about the MCYFS at different levels of detail, from basic to scientific and expert level.
This set of videos gives a detailed overview of the why, what, where, and how, of the crop monitoring and yield forecasting activities of the JRC. The videos are informative for a wide audience and can be used for educative purposes.
The interested users can find information on crop yield forecasting activities on JRC Science Hub. Moreover, there are available multimedia presentations that explain the purpose of yield forecasting within the European Union.