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MARS Explorer
The “MARS Explorer” is an e-service provided by the JRC Monitoring Agricultural Resources (MARS) Unit to display near real time information on weather conditions and the progress of crop growth across the European Union.
AGRI4CAST Resources Portal
AGRI4CAST group grants access to data and software for research, education and economics. Meteorological, Agro-meteorological, Crop data, indicators are available at AGRI4CAST Resources Portal
The wiki offers documentation and information about the MCYFS. The MCYFS covers several overlapping regional windows: Europe, Russia/Kazachstan, China, India, South America, Africa and a global window.
JRC MARS Bulletins – Crop monitoring in Europe
The MARS bulletins offer in a near real time and in an operational context analyses and information on crop growth conditions and yield forecast at EU28 level and neighbouring countries like Ukraine, Turkey and Maghreb. The Bulletin archive gathers all Bulletins published since 1997.
JRC Science Hub - AGRI4CAST Crop yield forecasting
The interested users can find information on crop yield forecasting activities on JRC Science Hub. Moreover, there are available multimedia presentations that explain the purpose of yield forecasting within the European Union.